Pure Australian Wool Quilt for All Seasons

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300 grams of 100% Australian wool encased in either the softest cotton for that beautiful feel on your skin as you sleep. Or our world’s best technical and water resistant cover for a functional healthcare solution.

We have always been strong in bedding – for over 35 years our heritage is deep in combining healthcare and textiles in Melbourne, Australia.  And so Staycomfy has now been developed to provide the ultimate in luxury for your bedroom without the huge pricetag.

Why combine wool in your bedding?  Wool is an absolutely amazing product.  And it’s natural.  It has thermal insulation properties and as it’s an active fibre, reacts to changes in body temperature meaning it keeps you warm in winter and cool in the summer.  Wool is so amazing that not only does it absorb many harmful pollutants from the air, it does not re-emit them.  It's estimated that wool used in interiors can help purify the air for 30 years.  How could we not want to work with wool and incorporate it into our bedding.

Dry clean only and use a linen spray to refresh.


100 x 120cm

Single Bed

140 x 210cm

Double Bed

180 x 210cm

Queen Bed

210 x 210cm

King Bed

240 x 210cm