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Reusable Pet Pad

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From the makers of Australia’s first choice in absorbent and waterproof products comes our pad especially designed and made for your pet!

Our reusable pet pad aids in protection of spills around the home & in the car for situations such as toilet training puppies, used under food & water bowls, protecting your carpet & furniture and in the car.

* multipurpose pad for your pet - toilet training puppies, under food and water bowls, protecting your carpet and furniture, also great for in the car to protect seats and as a transport crate liner. 
* far more economical than disposable pads. Disposables are initially more affordable but over time are far more costly as our pet pads replace over 300 disposable pads
much more durable when going up against puppy destruction play
* machine washable & tumble dry safe
*  400ml retention and totally waterproof. Very high absorption to ensure there are no spills onto your floor or furniture.   Avoids potential slips on liquids that would otherwise end up on the floor.
*  gel dots on the underside to prevent the pad from slipping which reduces slip hazards

Comes in a 2 pack.