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Staydry DuraTherme v DuraBreathe - what's the difference?

Staydry DuraTherme v DuraBreathe - what's the difference?

We often get asked “What’s the difference between the DuraTherme Insert and DuraBreathe Insert?”, so we’re going to give you all the answers you need to make a more informed decision.  Whether you’re looking to purchase for yourself, a family member with a continence issue or recommend to an NDIS client with consumable funding we have all the answers here!

To get started, our “Insert” is what you would typically call either a quilt or doona and you use it in exactly the same way.  Sleep under it in any season to stay nice and cosy & get a great night’s sleep.

 So let’s get into the difference between DuraTherme and DuraBreathe:

 The DuraTherme Insert is:

  • Waterproof. No liquid will penetrate the fabric at all.  It is sealed on all 4 sides to ensure the liquid will roll off the fabric.
  • It is a super smooth fabric to touch. (Great for people with touch sensitivities)
  • It is totally breathable, so great for hot sleepers.
  • No need to launder if you don’t want to. You can simply wipe it down with a cloth & disinfectant spray and pop straight back onto the bed.
  • It has a low loft but has a 2 blanket warmth rating.
  • DuraTherme is used in our pillow protectors to protect your existing pillow from sweat, stains and drooling. You can shop them here.

We recommend using the DuraTherme Insert if there is a higher level on incontinence. Shop DuraTherme here.

In contrast the DuraBreathe Insert is: 

  • Water resistant. This means any spills will bead on the fabric for about an hour but after than it will eventually penetrate.
  • It has a soft feeling to touch, we call it a "peach fuzz" feeling.
  • If you do have a spill from coffee or tea, it won’t stain if you wipe it up which means no need to launder. For a continence accident, we recommend laundering from a hygiene perspective.
  • It has a higher loft with a 2 blanket warmth rating.
  • We also have a beautiful all season Australian wool fill option, here.
  • DuraBreathe is also used for our printed quilt covers. You can shop them here.

We recommend using the Durabrathe Insert if there is a low to medium level on incontinence. Shop DuraBreathe here.


If you have any other questions, feel free to email us at call us on 1800 684 878, DM on Instagram (@staydryproducts) or on our chat function at  We are always available to chat & help you make the best decisions!

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